,,Legal in Europe” provide accounting services in Lithuania for more than ten years. Gained experience allows us to provide them at highest quality within the expert staff.

Each company in Lithuania has to submit certain reports to different state and private institutions, such as Tax Inspectorate (in Lithuanian Valstybinė Mokesčių Inspekcija or VMI), Social Security Department (SODRA), Department of Statistics (Statistikos Departamentas), the Center of Registers (Registrų Centras), Customs Department (Muitinės Departamentas) and National Migration Office (Migracijos Departamentas) also including operating commercial banks.

To a foreigner, especially during the first years of residing in our country is very difficult to manage accounting and bookkeeping own company himself – he need to know Lithuanian language, legislation of the Lithuanian Republic, as well as understand accounting and bookkeeping principles and requirements, after some passed time to obtain a qualification of an accountant. Failure to submit annual or interim reports or failure to pay taxes on time will result in troubles with the state or private authorities.

Therefore, each Lithuanian company must have its bookkeeper or the company providing accounting services and help in preparation of all needed reports on purpose to submit them to national authorities, also advise on what taxes you must pay, and help to represent Your Company in the Lithuanian Migration Department or other institutions.

How Can We Be Helpful?

After registration of the company in Lithuania, or in case you already have an own business in Lithuania, our consultants on business immigration to Europe will offer you accounting and bookkeeping management under special and very attractive terms. Our accountants are well aware of the national tax system, with the Standards of Business Accounting and International Standards of Accounting, so you can be calm about Your Company’s accounting.

We are able to respond into causing questions, so you will find out all concerning answers and information immediately without any postpones.

For Your convenience, we provide following company accountancy and bookkeeping services, such as:

  • Bookkeeping and accountancy management starting from initial documents and ending with preparation of financial tax accountability;
  • Representation of Your company in all state institutions as well as in private establishments;
  • Consulting on Lithuanian tax issues;
  • Audit;
  • Analysis of company financial indicators and presentation of conclusions.

All the conditions, concerning accounting and bookkeeping services and prices will be discussed during the meeting. So, we hope for mutual and beneficial cooperation and partnership!

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