There are few countries in Europe which do provide residency by investment, but they prices depends of country starts from 250 000€ if you not have that much money to invest for your residency. We have you solution to get same Permanent Residency but 10 times cheeper price.

Best and most secure migration proposal is Lithuanian Business visa

How it works:

  1. You (latter client) provide us power of attorney notarise in country to open company in Lithuania on your name (it takes about 2-3 weeks)
  2. After your company is register and all documents are ready. We (latter service provider) sent you original documents by DHL.
  3. If you not have Schengen visa (with that documents you going to Embassy to apply one)
  4. After you getting Schengen visa you coming to Lithuania. (service provider will meet you in airport and take you to hotel)
  5. Next day costumer and one member of our stuff going to Lithuanian Migration Department and apply you national visa D (it valid in all Schengen countries for travel. Direction of this visa is one year, but after 6 months again we going to Migration Department to ask for client 2 years residency card, which will be valid in all Schengen countries. (extension will happend after 2 years for 3 years residency card and later after 5 years total you get Permanent Residency in Schengen countries including Swiss and Island.
  6. Then you apply first for national visa D it takes 2 weeks to get it.

There are few conditions to get that national visa D

  1. The capital share of company for one person must be minimum 28 000€ for 3 persons 43 000€ (please take a note you no need invest that money! We create company with that shares already)
  2. In company must be Lithuanian workers can be one can be 2 or 3 total they wage must be 1700€
  3. Business must be real, because migration coming to check your accountancy.
  4. Accountancy and place of work.
  5. Migration law do not say how much you must ear or have office or other things, thats why it is easier to start small business and it is enough for migration.
  6.  during this 2 weeks then customer waiting for answer from migration department it is a time to start your own small business.
  7. Best now what we can offer that client during this to weeks will buy 2- 3 taxis cars one car cost around 5000€ and employ taxis drivers as workers in yours company. Each car 2 drivers, 12h shift each (this work like UBER)
  8. Each car brings to company from 600-1000€ each month it is more than enough to cover all company expenses and bring you some profit. Plus you fit all migration requirements.
  9. Of course you can do any other business, but this one is less investment less problems and returning you money every month
  10. We as a service provider will help you in all possible way. To get all license find drivers, do your accountancy and other things.
  1. Our price for this service is 5000€ and we promise if you follow all our instructions in 5 years you get your Permanent Residency card and this small business stays for you all long as you want it to, or latter you can sale this one to other clients of friends. (+370 600 92616) by Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram)

100% Money-back guarantee! If it is ,,Legal in Europe’’ company fault.