As in 2004 Poland, join EU and economic situation was in a big difference compering western EU countries. Most of work power from East bloc left for better wages to work to western countries.

Now nearly 15 years pass and economic start rising very fast. All And most of the wages start growing fast.

Poland now very short of man power at:



Animals Farms

Agro culture farms

Shopping centers

All category drivers


And many more.

Poland government migration policies now, to issue working visas fast and easy. To all nationalities, and there is short time and easy procedure to get work permit now.

Our company work as recruitment agency to. We getting job offers every day. So physically on site we cannot update all information. So we advise do not hesitate. Just contact us directly and simply ask what is now in a market

Please note: If you do not like job or conditions as you will have EU working visa we will be happy to help you to find job any there else or even change country whatever you choose from all list of Schengen.

Price for Polish work permit is 1600 Euro, paying in 2 parts

First part is 800 Euro before applying

Second part 800 Euro then you getting work permit and all documents what you need to apply work permit.

application happening in Polish embassy, time direction 2-3 weeks. (+370 600 92616) by Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram)

100% Money-back guarantee! If it is ,,Legal in Europe’’ company fault.